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How Green Are You?

For years I have gone by the name "GreenLifeKelly" and have been teaching people how to reduce toxins in their homes, products and food. I don't use any chemicals in my house, on my skin and I buy 95% organic foods.

So it was quite interesting when I found out that I have high levels of industrial toxins showing up in my blood. One of these, Phenylglyoxylic Acid (which I still can't even pronounce) is widely used in plastics and food packaging materials. The symptoms of excess exposure include central nervous system toxicity, fatigue, muscle weakness, concentration issues, nausea and mucosal membrane irritation. Hmmmmm.

My family's first reaction to my results was WOW .. if she has high levels then I wonder what the rest of us have. You see, I stopped drinking from plastic water bottles years ago, most of the food storage containers in my house are glass and I even use beeswax paper instead of saran wrap. But ... there is ONE big area where plastic still makes its way into my house: organic produce.

I live in New Hampshire, and in our supermarkets most organic produce comes to us wrapped tightly in plastic or stuffed into a plastic storage container. I have cringed when buying a Red Bell Pepper with plastic suctioned to it, and now I know why. My intuitive guidance (aka GOD) was telling me that stuff was poison.

So what do I do now?

Well, I will be starting a process to rid my body of these toxins. It involves a lot of water and a good amount of sweating. But just as importantly, I am doing a deep ditch of all the sneaky plastic that has been getting by me. That will mean more shopping at local farms and farmers markets where produce is not wrapped at all, and more growing of my own veggies and herbs. Yes, it will be less "convenient" but for heavens sake .. it's still more convenient than running my own farm. :-)

So I ask you. How much plastic do you use? Are you drinking from plastic bottles or cups? How much of your food comes in plastic? Do you store leftovers in plastic containers? How often do you eat on plastic plates or with plastic utensils. How about plastic straws?

Don't get overwhelmed. These are all small and simple things that we can change, to make a difference in our bodies.

And guess what? Buying and using less plastic isn't just better for your body it is so much better for the environment too.

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