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Getting Back on Track

Updated: Jan 31

If I had a nickel for every time I have heard (or said) that phrase, yes, I think I would be rich. It seems we humans are always "off track" in one area of life or another. Is it even possible to have everything in perfect balance?

We are in a constant state of change and that is partly what keeps us growing and interested in life. Getting Back on Track in my view is not about achieving perfection or perfect balance, since that is simply not real, but rather a realization of when it is time to return to what we know is best.

When I hear someone say "I need to get Back on Track" it is like hearing them say "I'm ready once again to re-prioritize my life". It's a moment of clarity where they see that it's time to re-establish the habits that are most beneficial to their well being.

For me, getting Back on Track is often about systems that I have stopped following through on, whether that is meal planning or organizing my mail, or having a specific day to handle financial matters. I know that I feel best when my systems are working but I also know that it would only cause me angst to expect a perfect routine week after week. Too much happens in life, some good, some not so good .. and all of it can easily interfere with my best laid plans.

I used to spend a lot of time helping people identify why they got Off Track in the first place, and how we could stop that from ever happening again. In some areas of life this works, for instance if you get off track with eating because you skip meals too often and end up with blood sugar or serotonin issues that cause cravings. That we can fix. Or if your exercise routine falls off because your gym is simply too far away to make it possible to attend classes regularly. Yes, that we can address.

But there are also lots of reasons we get Off Track that are truly unavoidable. In those cases it doesn't make sense to focus our attention on the why or how of what happened. It does no good to beat yourself up over it. In fact, you might be better off accepting that this may happen again. Sometimes life gets in the way. It's ok. You re-focus your priorities while doing the best you can to take care of yourself, maintain as many good habits as you possibly can and then you actually look forward to that day when you are ready and able to return. Listen carefully for the signal, and when you hear yourself say "I really need to get Back on Track" .. do it! Take the step and get back on!

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